It is an established fact that down duvets provide comfort and warmth in a healthy manner. The down duvet, through its loft and lightness provides warmth without a feeling of being constrained or smothered by heavy blankets. Down provide natural insulation and regulate temperature much better than down-alternative fillings.

When considering buying a duvet keep these factors in mind:

  • Climate of the area you live in during various seasons
  • Temperature of your bedroom while sleeping (including heating)
  • Personal warmth
  • Bed size (including thickness of mattress)
  • Affordable quality (filling and casing)


Duck down is marginally smaller than goose down and thus ever so slightly more down is required to obtain the same TOG* value. However as our down are a by-product of the protein production, they can be produced much more cost effective than goose down. World wide, high quality duck down is seen as a more cost effective alternative to goose down, for similar reasons.

*What is TOG value?
In technical terms, tog ratings measure thermal resistance. This in effect refers to how good an item is at keeping you warm on a cold night. The Tog Value does not necessarily relate to the thickness or weight of a duvet. As down have such magnificent insulating properties, the duvets will be light, yet fluffy and warm. Duvets with a higher tog value are more suited to colder winter nights whereas low tog values are usually best for warmer summer nights.

Winter duvets are filled to a Tog Value of 13, which makes them suitable for a comfortable sleep in an unheated environment in most areas of South Africa.
Autumn duvets are filled to a Tog Value of 10 which makes them suitable for a comfortable sleep in an heated environment during winter and unheated environment during spring and autumn months as well as cooler summer months (fairly all year round).
Summer duvets are filled to a Tog Value of 5 which makes them suitable for a comfortable sleep in spring, summer and autumn months in the warmer regions of our country.

At Ducko the filling material is derived from a by-product of the duck farming operation, washed and sorted on the premises, making us the keepers of our own manufacturing standards. We utilize washing chemicals developed by renowned German down manufacturers for their efficiency and biodegradability. The filling material is then transformed into beautifully crafted bedding and decorating products.

We encourage you to support South African Farming and Manufacturing! Within our farming operations 70 employees work daily to deliver outstanding products of quality and durability and service to our valued customers. We invite you to sample our feather products and join our growing number of satisfied customers. It would be a privilege to meet, and exceed, your expectations.

The casings of the duvets we offer, are made from densely woven cotton cambric constructed crisp fabric. Duvetes are made according to the “box stitch” principal – the seams area minimised, but movement of down is effectively prohibited. This creates even heat distribution for optimum comfort. Cotton piping strengthens the outer seams, giving the product a lasting finished look.

Pillows are filled with a down and feather combination. This ensures the well-known softness, yet needed firmness, of a natural feather pillow. Pillows are filled to a standard firmness, although firmer or less firm pillows can be made up, should your physique or sleep style require these.

Because all these products are all 100% natural you will experience healthy, invigorating sleep for years to come.