The Ducko Farm is situated at the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountains, near Rustenburg, in South Africa. Our family owned business has been supplying duvets and pillows for over 30 years. The secret lies in the hands-on approach we have towards our production methods and our passion for quality and good manufacturing standards.



Ducko was started by Hermann Reiners, who came to South Africa from Germany during the late 50's. On a piece of land, inherited by his young wife, Edda, they started a duck farm. With a lot of hard work and endurance, the business expanded to a major duck producer in the country. It was handed down to the next generation in the early 1990's. The third generation, although currently still in the learning phase, nurture their own visions for the continuance of the enterprise. Our employees, without whom the farm would not succeed, are part of the Ducko family. Amongst other long term relations, we are proud to have two generations working along side each other and the third generation growing up within our midst.


Living at the foot of the magnificent Magaliesberg, we are constantly reminded by this gentle giant how precious our environment is. We strive to go about our daily business leaving only the smallest carbon footprints. A Photovoltaic Energy harvesting system, which currently provides a third of our electricity, is an ongoing expansion project of high priority. All waste water is processed through a treatment system with natural filtration, to be reused for irrigation on the farm. We only use certified bio-degradable detergents and cleaning agents. Our compost is scattered on nearby fields from which we harvest next year's bedding. The feathers are washed and sterilized on the premises and crafted into beautiful duvets and pillows – zero transportation for most of the raw materials.



All filling material is derived from our independently audited free range ducks, reared on the farm. We subscribe to the 5 freedoms of animal welfare as stipulated by the South African Poultry Association, being free from hunger and thirst, free from abnormal discomfort in providing adequate shelter, free from abnormal pain, injury or disease, free from fear and distress and allowing for the freedom to express natural behaviour.

The feathers are washed and sterilized on the premises, sorted and filled into our now famous duvets, pillows, scatters and couch cushions. All products can be made up to your required specification and preferences. We pride ourselves in prompt, customer orientated service.


Our clientele consist of online shoppers, customers we meet at exhibitions, interior decorators and furniture manufacturers.